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Cake by the Ocean - Showpony




As a freelance UX/UI designer and Shopify developer at Webfluencer, I had the privilege of working on an exciting e-commerce project.

Showpony, a renowned talent agency representing a diverse roster of models, sought to expand their presence in the fashion industry by venturing into e-commerce.

Our mission was to build a captivating Shopify store, named "Cake by the Ocean," from the initial design phase to the complete development, offering festival hats that perfectly complemented their models' style and charisma.

UX/UI Design Phase

During the UX/UI design phase, we collaborated closely with Showpony Model Bureau to craft a visually captivating and user-friendly e-commerce platform.

We began by creating wireframes and interactive prototypes, mapping out the user journey and design elements.

Our focus was on providing festival enthusiasts with a seamless hat shopping experience that would evoke the carefree spirit of a beachy paradise. Key design considerations included:

1. Vibrant and Playful Aesthetics: We designed a visually striking interface that embodied the fun and energetic vibe of festivals, using vibrant colors, playful typography, and engaging visuals to entice visitors.

2. Intuitive Product Showcase: Prioritizing user-friendly navigation, we organized the hat collection into well-defined categories, making it easy for customers to browse and discover the perfect festival accessory.

3. Model-Driven Marketing: Leveraging Showpony's talented models, we integrated captivating imagery showcasing the hats being worn by the agency's models, effectively highlighting how the hats complemented various festival looks.

4. Responsive Design: Understanding the importance of mobile shopping for festival-goers, we ensured that the store was fully responsive and provided an exceptional experience across all devices.



Shopify Development Phase

Once the UX/UI designs were approved, our Shopify development team embarked on the implementation process.

Leveraging Shopify's robust platform, we transformed the designs into a fully functional e-commerce store.

The development phase included:

1. Customization and Branding: We customized the Shopify theme to align with Cake by the Ocean's brand identity, ensuring consistency with Showpony Model Bureau's image.

2. Product Catalog Setup: We meticulously organized the festival hat collection, creating detailed product pages with engaging descriptions, product variants, and sizing options.

3. Secure Transactions and Shipping Integration: Seamless integration of secure payment gateways and efficient shipping options provided festival-goers with a smooth and reliable checkout process.

4. Performance Optimization: Rigorous testing and optimization measures were implemented to guarantee fast loading times and overall website performance.


The Cake by the Ocean project was a fulfilling experience as a UX/UI designer and Shopify developer.

Collaborating with Webfluencer, we successfully brought Showpony's vision to life, empowering them to thrive in the competitive fashion industry through e-commerce.

This project exemplifies the power of thoughtful design and efficient development in creating captivating online shopping experiences that resonate with target audiences.

As Showpony Model Bureau's influence extends to new horizons, I take pride in contributing to their success story and being part of a project that celebrates the joyous spirit of festival culture.

Link to Cake by the Ocean Webshop

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