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Cube Stores




As a freelance UX/UI designer and Shopify developer at Story of AMS and Instant Commerce, I had the exciting opportunity to work on a prestigious e-commerce project for Cube Stores, a leading bike brand.

With Cube's renowned reputation in the biking industry, the project aimed to create a powerful online presence through a new Shopify store.

Our mission was to guide Cube through the entire process, from the initial design phase to the complete development of the store, providing a comprehensive setup that would enhance the brand's image and cater to a global audience of biking enthusiasts.

UX/UI Design Phase

During the UX/UI design phase, we collaborated closely with Cube to craft a visually captivating and user-friendly online store.

We began by creating wireframes and interactive prototypes, mapping out the user journey and design elements.

Our focus was on providing a sophisticated and dynamic user experience that would resonate with biking enthusiasts worldwide.

Key design considerations included:

1. Dynamic Visuals: We designed an interface that showcased Cube's bikes with dynamic visuals, highlighting their cutting-edge technology, high-performance features, and sleek designs.

‍2. Seamless Navigation: Prioritizing user-friendly navigation, we ensured that visitors could easily explore Cube's extensive bike categories, access detailed product information, and find their perfect bike match effortlessly.

3. Brand Identity Integration: We seamlessly integrated Cube's brand identity into the store's design, reflecting their strong global presence and reinforcing brand recognition.‍

4. Responsive Design: As Cube caters to an international audience, a responsive design was crucial to provide an optimal experience across various devices and screen sizes.



Shopify Development Phase

With the UX/UI designs approved, our Shopify development team embarked on the implementation process.

Leveraging Shopify's robust platform, we meticulously translated the designs into a fully functional and feature-rich e-commerce store.

The development phase included:

1. Customization and Internationalization: We customized the Shopify theme to align with Cube's brand guidelines and facilitated internationalization features to cater to a global audience.

2. Product Catalog Setup: Thorough organization of Cube's vast bike range into specific categories and detailed product pages ensured an intuitive browsing experience for customers.

3. Secure Transactions and Shipping Integration: We seamlessly integrated secure payment gateways and efficient shipping options to provide a secure and streamlined checkout process for customers worldwide.

4. Performance Optimization: Rigorous testing and optimization measures were implemented to ensure fast loading times and a seamless overall website performance.


The Cube Stores Shopify store project was a gratifying experience as a UX/UI designer and Shopify developer.

Collaborating with Story of AMS and Instant Commerce, we successfully elevated Cube's online presence, providing an exceptional user experience to biking enthusiasts worldwide.

This project exemplifies the potential of e-commerce ventures and the impact of thoughtfully designed digital solutions in empowering global brands to flourish in the digital marketplace.

As Cube continues to thrive, I take pride in contributing to their success story and being part of a project that has left a lasting impact in the biking industry.

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